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Go Off-Topic to Build Brand Affinity

When you market your ecommerce business, there are two types of people you can target: People who have an active need and know they want your product/solution. People who don’t realize (yet) that they need your product. Traditionally, businesses focus on … Continued

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Position for the Positional Economy

Forty years ago, Fred Hirsch explained the idea of luxury good as he distinguished between the material and positional economy.  This shows how once society has satisfied its basic material needs (food, shelter, clothes) it turns what was luxury (a … Continued

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Long Tail Marketing & Finding Your Niche

The small, online retailer focusing on a niche market engages in long-tail marketing.  Here is a perspective on how to make this successful for your Woocommerce theme.  What is long-tail marketing? Long-tail marketing is a concept that arose in the … Continued

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Analyze Your Distributor Agreements

If you are reselling through your Woocommerce theme, there are several important points to note about distributor agreements.  Ecommerce presents particular challenges. The first involves the issue of exclusivity.  In a traditional exclusive distributor agreement, the vendor would seek to … Continued

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The Customer Obsession

“Our focus is on customer obsession rather than competitor obsession.”  Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO  It’s said that Amazon is a tough place to work.  The obsession on customer service is demanding.  It takes time, skill, and insight to truly emphasize … Continued

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