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WooThemes designed with User Experience Intelligence® (UXi) convert more traffic into sales.

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After analyzing key data points and the user experiences of your online shoppers, we intelligently improve your WooTheme design so it converts at a higher rate and drives more sales.

WooTheme designs that drive more sales.

The UXi® design process was built with the sole purpose of driving conversions at the highest possible rate. Not only is your online store beautiful, but it also drives results. Leverage our world-class designers and UXi® designs to improve your current design or get a completely new design. Then, each month we analyse the data and make intelligent decisions on what changes should be made to the design in order to drive more conversions/sales. These changes can include new banner designs, landing pages, product badges, coupons and more.

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Wow, it's easy.

With UXi®, designs get better over time and all the work’s done for you!

Our full-service design process does everything for you. Work with an experienced WooCommerce Marketing Executive to get your design converting traffic into sales at a higher rate. Each Marketing Executive works with a team of WooCommerce marketing designers to ensure you get the best design for capturing sales. Then, your design is continually maintained & improved over time to maximize your conversion rate long-term. This keeps your design updated, fresh and modern.

Key elements of a more convertible theme.

Designed for marketing.

All the right elements to capture sales.


Easy navigation with trust seals.

The navigation bar, key trust seals, shipping info, add to cart button and more are all fixed on top to make it easy to buy for shoppers.


Popular products & categories bar.

Highlight popular product categories so shoppers can get where they want to go quickly and make a purchase.


Clear offer/call-to-action.

Make your current offer clear, front and center. Below that, leverage nice, big, call-to-actions buttons so converting is easy!


Ready-to-go, highly targeted landing pages.

Funnel shoppers into the categories and products you want them to browse with nicely designed call-to-action banners.


Show off featured products.

Display featured and popular products so shoppers are more likely to see and purchase them.


Footer with safe & secure trust badges.

Highlight SSL & credit card trust badges so your shoppers can see your store is secure and safe to shop.


Boast the #1 trust badge online.

Show off your store ratings with the highly convertible Top Rated Local™ or the Top Rated National® seal.

Get a free theme design mockup.

Request a free mockup and get suggestions as to how you can make your online store capture more sales.

Free WooTheme Mockup

Get free conversion rate optimization design tips.

Need a completely new theme?

If the shopping cart platform you’re using does not have any design templates you like, we offer affordable and highly convertible design themes compatible with WooCommerce.

Your brand.

Every design is personalized to fit your brand, style, colors, fonts and more.

Your domain.

Use any domain for your website. Make the website your primary domain or a niche online store.

Your products.

Populate the design with your products, categories and more, whether you have 1 product or 1000+.

Your content..

Add additional pages of content as needed such as your shipping policy, an about us page and more.

Your dream store.

You love how your online store looks, but more importantly... you’ll love the results it drives!

Our themes.

Free WooCommerce Themes That Get Sales Started

Get the tool you need to generate more online sales with our premium Woocommerce themes – free!

Getting a Woocommerce theme set-up is not difficult.  Most resources are available free.

Getting a premium design that makes your business look legit can cost a bit more.  Our UXi® templates have been refined for one purpose: to drive more sales. They’re as good as it gets.

The real cost, of course, is marketing your Woocommerce ecommerce website.  After all, a perfect website is of no value if no customers ever visit it.

No wool over your eyes here:  we provide you with a premium Wootheme because we know you’ll have to invest in marketing to be successful.  We feel you best chance for success is to save your budget to market your business.

Give us six months, and if you’re not on the road to profitability keep the site with our best wishes.

But hey – we don’t give away our themes just because we’re nice (though we are!).  We plan for you to be profitable, with high ROI on your marketing investment.

So let’s get started.  We’ll build you a Wootheme second to none, then go to work getting you findable on Google, getting a following on social media, and tracking your results to move you from good to great.

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